Ghosts and Haunted Places

Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I have a fascination with ghosts and haunted places.

We've stayed at several hotels that are supposed to be haunted and if possible we'll stay in the actual room that has been reported to have ghostly visitors.

One we've been to twice in Ventura, the Bella Maggorie, in the purported haunted room (17) and one that wasn't. Funny thing, the unhaunted room had more ghostly vibes.

We stayed in a hotel in San Antonio that was advertised as haunted and I believe it is. I heard someone knocking on a door over and over out in the hall, I finally went out an looked and no one was there. This happened every night.

The Queen Mary is definitely haunted. Oh, they have a ghost tour that's phony, but just try wandering around the halls in the late evening and you'll definitely feel an other worldly presence as I did. At the event we attended, someone took photos and those ghostly orbs appeared in everyone.

The Santa Maria Inn doesn't advertise itself as haunted, but we've stayed in the original part of the hotel several times, and there's definitely a haunted feel about it.

Probably the most haunted place is our own house. Over the years several folks have died of natural causes--the last one being my dad. However, I don't believe he's around, I know he's in Heaven. But there are certainly other "ghosts" or at least strange happenings that go on in this house all the time. We've lived here for 30 years and the house was at least 50 years old Ever since we first moved in the kids who stayed overnight all complained that the place is haunted.

I do know that doors open and close on there own and other weird things happen. Am I afraid, not in the least. Despite horror movies about haunted houses and ghosts, and I've seen plenty of them, I don't believe ghosts can hurt you.

What's your take on ghosts? Believe in them? Seen any?



Vicki Rocho said…
Oh yes, I'm a believer. Lived in a haunted one myself, but it wasn't scary.
Hi, Vicki, I agree, I think ghosts are fascinating--not scary.

Patricia Gligor said…
I'll bet you like one of my favorite songs, "Hotel California," by the Eagles. It has that eerie, ghost-like quality you enjoy. "You can check out but you can never leave."
As for my believing or not believing in ghosts, it's too scary for me to even contemplate.

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