Our 60th Wedding Anniversary

Yep, we did it, 60 years together. Remarkable. No one thought it would last--most of all my mother.

The odds were definitely against us. We came from different worlds. Hubby grew up in a dinky Southern town, raised by a grandmother and two maiden aunts. (Well one was really a widow 2 times over, but neither marriage had lasted long.) He left home at 18 and went into the Navy.

I grew up in Los Angeles in a way more modern world. Both of us came from Christian households, but our churches were anything alike.

Hubby had no role models as to what married life was like.

We spent a lot of time apart because of being stationed in different places. I stayed home with the kids.

At times it was scary because of the three tours he did in Vietnam during the war.  Too often it was lonely. There never was much money. Sometimes we didn't get along.

Whenever he was gone, I got very independent--because I had too.

When he'd been in the service for 20 years, I put my foot down. It was time for him to stay home and be a husband and father. He did just that and was pretty darn good at it.

We lived on the coast for a long, long time. Then it got to crowded for hubby and we moved to the foothills of the Sierra and took on the business of running and living in a licensed care home. We both loved the job and the women we cared for.

Illness and the loss of a grown son let us know it was time to retire from that job. We needed to relinquish some of our responsibilities.

We love each other more than we ever did, growing old has its ups and downs, we still don't agree on everything, but we have lots of fun together.

Happy Anniversary to us!

And while I'm at here are the places I'll be on this last week of my blog tour:

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Patricia Gligor said…
Congratulations on your 60th anniversary. What an accomplishment! I wish you many more happy years together.
Shilpa said…
Congratulations Marilyn! You are my inspiration in many ways than one now.
Mary Welk said…
They say the first 50 years are the hardest, Marilyn. Well, you're way past that if you're celebrating 60 years of married bliss. :) My wish for you is that you and Hap enjoy at least another 20 years together.
Cheryl said…
Happy anniversary to you both. How wonderful!

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