Reading What You Like to Write-or Not.

Frankly, my reading tastes are all over the place.

I'm reading a James Lee Burke mystery right now, far more brutal with much more complicated and damaged characters then would ever inhabit one of my books. Burke is one of my favorite writers despite what I just wrote. He does characterization so well--but his descriptions of place are absolutely wonderful. And no, I'll never write like him, but I love to read his stories.

I've got The Help on my Kindle. I've already seen the movie (excellent) and it may take me awhile to finish the book because I tend to only use my Kindle when I'm on a trip. No trips coming up for awhile, so I doubt I'll get through it anytime soon. The story line of The Help is great--the writing is simple and straightforward.

I'm also reading a mystery by fellow author and friend, Carl Brookins, called Reunion. I'll put a review on my site once I'm through. This also may take awhile because I'm reading it in spurts. So far, it's great. I've read other books by Carl, always satisfying mysteries that have kept me turning pages. He's writing from a male POV, and so far staying in the hero's head.

With my latest book, Bears With Us, I stay completely in Deputy Tempe Crabtree's head. When you read this mystery, you'll see everything as she does.

In the book I'm in the middle of writing, a Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel as yet unnamed, I use multiple POV. Someone once compared this series to a soap opera--and that maybe a fair evaluation. Though a murder is a prominent theme, a lot more is going on that the members of the RBPD are involved in, both on the job and in their family life.

My books aren't quite cozies (not reading any of those at the moment, though there are many I have read and enjoyed) there isn't much on-scene violence--though Tempe is often threatened and has to fight for her life. Though my characters may curse--the language isn't spelled out. And yes, they do have sex, but I always close the bedroom door. (I'm not fond of books that have to tell me exactly what people do when they make love. I have a good enough imagination to take care of that part myself, so I don't write about it either.)

What about you, do you stick to reading the kind of books you write or want to write? Or when you're writing do you steer clear of books like the one you are writing?



Theresa Varela said…
I mostly steer away from books that I imagine are going to be very similar to the one I'm writing. When I go back to them, I usually find that they were very different after all.
Holli said…
I like to read books similar to what I write. I mostly read mysteries or thrillers, mostly edgier, and an occasional cozy if I like the writer's work. I tend to go for darker stuff--I love serial killers, although I don't need the graphic play by play of the murder.

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