Report on on Book Store Debut of Bears With Us

As it turned out the day was beautiful weather wise. So beautiful most people opted to do other things rather than come to my  book launch for Bears With Us. My own church had a picnic--I'd been gone for a couple of weeks and had no idea what they'd planned. Not that it would have made any difference as I'd planned the book launch long before.

The paper printed two notices about the launch and the local radio station announced it too. I sent invitations out to people who are "fans" of the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series and I promoted like crazy on Facebook. So, I more or less did everything I could think of for a book launch in a small used bookstore in the town of Porterville.

The owners of Books Off Main are two lovely women who I enjoy visiting with. They provided bottles of water and delicious cookies. The minute I arrived someone was waiting for me--not to buy a book but to discuss something unrelated.

A women popped in who had read about the book in the newspaper and she was eager to read Bears With Us and if she likes it would like to read the rest of the series. Promising--but it was a long, long time before anyone else arrived. One of my former writing students arrived, she also came because of what she read in the newspaper. After buying a book she stayed and visited for a long while--and some of the things she told me would make for a good thriller, except that I don't think that where my talents lie.

The next person was a good friend who is also a writer, and yes, she also bought a book. We had fun talking together.

When it was time to pack up my daughter arrived. She'd rushed from the church picnic to catch me in time. She bought a book too and we had a short while to visit.

As usual, the store asked me to leave 5 autographed books. They do sell quite a few right off the shelves.

It wasn't a booksigning like many authors have, but it was a pleasant day. Yes, I'll go back again. It's the only book store miles around and they are always good to me.

Next week I'll have a booth in Springville (my home territory) at the Apple Festival.



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