A Review: Dark Souls by Paula Morris

(Reading Dark Souls is what prompted Tuesday's blog post about ghosts.)

Dark Souls by Paula Morris is a YA novel but it is an enjoyable read for adults who like ghost stories. The heroine, Miranda Tennant, can see ghosts, a recently acquired ability when she and her brother were in a tragic automobile accident which killer her best friend.

When the entire family goes to the old city of York on a kind of vacation, though Miranda’s mother is there to conduct an orchestra, Miranda is shocked by all the ancient ghosts she sees. A book about the history of the area along with many legends not only fascinates Miranda but also acquaints her the pasts of the ghosts she meets along the way.

Ghosts are not all she meets though. One intriguing young man named Nick keeps crossing her path. As the book progresses so does Miranda’s interest in Nick and he in her, especially when they learn both can see ghosts. She learns more about Nick and not all of it is good.

The setting of the story, York, adds a lot to the plot. Following Miranda along on her adventure leads to plenty of excitement and finally, danger.

Highly recommended to readers of all ages.



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