Review of Carl Brookins' mystery, Reunion.

Today, I'm turning the table on Carl and instead of posting one of his fine reviews, I'm reviewing his latest mystery, Reunion.
I began reading Carl’s latest book in bits and spurts—usually while I was eating—because I had so many things to do. But when I got to the last few chapters, I had to keep right on reading. There was no way I could put the book down, I wasn’t sure where the plot was going, but one exciting thing happened after another so I had to keep on to find out how it would all turn out.

Reunion is about a high school reunion, but thankfully not like any of the many I’ve attended. Oh, there were similarities, some people had changed a lot since graduation, others not so much. Lorie Jacobs talked her significant other, Jack Marsden—more than a boyfriend, but not quite ready for matrimony—into attending the reunion to be held in her hometown.

Like Lori’s former classmates, much of the town seems to be the same, and some of it has changed. The festivities have barely begun when one of the graduates is found gruesomely impaled on the rusty tines of a hay rake. While the investigation of the murder goes on, the classmates continue to follow the agenda for the reunion—until another one of the group is found murdered.

Leaving might have been the best bet for Jack and Lori, but they find themselves caught up in several undercurrents and unable to extricate themselves from the murder investigation. What was supposed to be a pleasant weekend excursion becomes even more deadly and dangerous than it began.

A great mystery with plenty of twists and turns with an unexpected ending. I highly recommend Brookins’ Reunion.

Marilyn Meredith
Bears With Us


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