Why I Kidnapped Glenn Gamble

I know some of you were expecting Glenn Gamble to appear on this blog to promote the books in his Jim Money series, but he ain’t.  Yes I said ain’t.  Wanna know why?  Because I’m the star of this series, he only wrote the book.  I’m the one who should talk about the working conditions of being the character in the Jim Money books which are named after me of course –one thing he’s done right.  I mean, who the hell does he think he is thinking that he’s going to hog the limelight?  I’m Jim Money!  I’m the one who was in those shootouts, car chases, fights, and back stabbings.  He only wrote the story from the comfort of his home or coffee shop, but I’m the action baby, not Glenn.  This is why I had to kidnap him and throw him in the back of a Ford Expedition.

He thinks that just because he wrote the book that the tour is supposed to be all about him.  Glenn gets all the attention and he did not carry one gun in the story.  All he does is peck away at his laptop and sip those coffees with all the whipped crème on them that look like ice cream cones.  So realize that I’m the star of these books and I’m not unlocking Glenn until he… 

“Until I what?”
“Glenn, how did you get out of the Expedition?”
“I just unlocked the door.”
“I know, you were playing the kidnap game where you tied my hands with a tube sock.  You’re quite a character Jim.”
“Oh boy.”

Glenn Gamble is the author of A Thousand Chances, Bon Appetit, Escape, On the Run, and James.  All of his books are available on Amazon Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Glenn-Gamble/e/B002BMGSVK and Barnes and Noble Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Glenn-Gamble?keyword=Glenn+Gamble&store=allproducts and Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/glenngamble
He also encourages you to visit his website http://www.GlennGamble.com

Marilyn Interviews Glenn:

Marilyn: Glenn, you have one feisty character on your hands with Jim Money. When did he come to life for you?

Glenn: Jim is a lot like myself, except that I'm not as animated.  In fact, Jim Money is the guy I would be if a few things in life had turned out differently, so that made it so much easier for me to bring him to life because he's a piece of me.

Marilyn: When did you begin writing?

Glenn: I've always been a writer, but I never thought of myself as one because I spent my youth and my young adult life writing songs.  Then somewhere in my late 20s, I realized that music is a young man's game and I found myself aging out of the young person's age group.  Right now, I'm in the relatively young person's group, but I'm too old to garner the attention of 13-year old girls to ensure big album sales, so I started writing blogs on MySpace.  From that blog, I met an author who thought I was talented enough to write fiction.  I laughed at her until I helped her developed one of the main characters in her book.  Then that turned into introducing another character, and making a few changes to "let me write my own damn book."

Marilyn: Tell me about your journey into publishing.

Glenn: I started off as a songwriter, but I got tired of being broke so I learned how to play Texas Hold 'em and made my living as a professional poker player until I mismanaged my bankroll and ended up re-entering the workforce.  At that point, I had managed to live a normal life and I started writing a MySpace blog about the the daily grind of normal life as a hobby.  From there I was encouraged to write fiction, and I did so reluctantly by helping an author with her book.  Even though she did most of the writing, that experience led me to write my own book and the rest is history.

Marilyn: Would you share a bit about your background?

Glenn: I'm a lifelong Chicagoan who attended Luther South and Lindblom Technical High School.  After graduating, I went to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale for two years and hated every moment of it, so I dropped out and entered the workforce as I pursued my ambitions as a songwriter, then a professional gambler, then again as a working stiff.  Right now, I'm a working stiff and an author.

Marilyn: When not writing what do you like to do?

Glenn: I like to read other authors' stories, and I like to watch all the major sports.  In fact, I have two fantasy football teams as we speak.

Marilyn: Besides this blog tour, what other plans do you have for promoting your book?

Glenn: I don't look at it as promoting one singular book, for I am promoting me simply because I have no other choice.  Right now, I'm primarily establishing relationships with other book lovers one blog and one tweet at a time.  I've also bought an ad on kindleboards, but the ad won't run until August of next year.  Other than using social media to network with others, I'm still researching other avenues where I can advertise cost-effectively.

Marilyn: Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

Glenn: A half-eaten sandwich. :-)
Marilyn: Thanks for letting me and my readers learn more about you.


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