Prizes for the Mystery Writers Blog Tour

 The 2 week long Mystery Writers Blog Tour is offering all sorts of prizes to people who follow along on the tour:
ANNE ALBERT  is giving away 3 e-copies of Frank, Incense and Muriel
BETH ANDERSON--  1 copy each of Night Sounds, Murder Online, and Raven Talks Back, by drawing at the end of the tour from people who comment at my blogsite over the two weeks.  Winners can choose either e-book or print.
RON BENREY- We'll give away paper copies of Dead as a Scone and The Final Crumpet.
PAT BROWNING -- 1 surprise print copy at end of tour.
JOHN M. DANIEL - 1 print copy of Behind the Redwood Door, and 1 print copy of
Generous Helpings
JEAN HENRY MEAD- 1 print copy of A Village Shattered, Diary of Murde, and Murder on
the Interstate
ALICE DUNCAN - I’ll give away a copy of any of my books, either hardback or Kindle. What
the heck. Whatever the winner wants.
WENDY GAGER - I will give away a copy of A Case of Hometown Blues from all the comments on my blog from guest interviews.
M.M. GORNELL -  3 copies of Reticence of Ravens. Selected by Buster at the end of tour from comments on my blog.
TIM HALLINAN-- One set of all four Poke Rafferty hard-cover books, plus one each of the two Junior Bender books, for a total of six.
 JACKIE KING  - 1 hardback  copy of THE INCONVENIENT CORPSE and 1 hardback copy of FOXY HENS AND MURDER MOST FOWL.  Winners will be drawn from all readers who left a comment.
MARILYN MEREDITH -  one copy of Bears With Us, either paper or Kindle—whichever the winner prefers.
MIKE ORENDUFF- I'll give away copies of my second book, THE POT THIEF WHO STUDIED PTOLEMY, because that is the one I happen to have copies of.  I'm willing to give away 14 - one for each place I blog.
JINX SHWARTZ -  I will only be able to give ebooks, as I will be in Mexico after Dec 1 (except in one blog where I noted a giveaway...can't remember whose it was!).
EARL STAGGS  - 1 copy of MEMORY OF A MURDER, print copy, a mystery novel which earned 13  Five Star Reviews on Amazon and BN online; 1 copy of SHORT STORIES OF EARL STAGGS, ebook, Mystery Tales from Hardboiled
to Humor, containing 16 of my best short mystery stories.
 This will be an interesting journey, I do hope some come along for the ride.



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Jean Henry Mead said…
Happpy Thanksgiving, Marilyn. I look forward to the beginning our tour tomorrow. I'll be giving away 14 ebooks, one at each blog site plus three print books at the end of the tour.
your blog is a good one. need to say i like it) and this post is great as always!

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