The Town of Bear Creek

There may be a real town somewhere called Bear Creek--and I'm sure there is--but the one I'm writing about though based on the town where I live, is not an actual place.

My Bear Creek, the mountain community where Deputy Tempe Crabtree lives and works, is located in the Southern Sierra at about the altitude of 2000 feet. The town itself is on both side so the highway that leads into the mountains with the river it is named after running through.

Though the town itself only has an Inn which years ago was a stage coach stop, it doesn't have much else in the way of eateries. There's the Cafe' which is the best place to get a great hamburger. Only one grocery store with a gas station is the only place to gas up and get supplies.

Of course there's a post office, though not much has been said about it.

One of the most important places is the fire station. There is a paid Fire Captain but everyone else is a volunteer. Volunteers are only paid when they actually go out on a call. In various books, the fire station has played an important part.

And there's Pastor Hutch's church, Bear Creek Community. Just outside of town, this A-frame building is where the Protestant population worships. There's an old cemetery behind the church that flows up the hill to the beginning of a forest.

Deputy Tempe Crabtree is not only responsible for the town, as the resident deputy, but she also patrols the higher and lower mountain areas. Though the Bear Creek Indian Reservation is not her responsibility, because she's a Native American, she is often called upon to help out when something happens on the rez.

In the next book, the weather, the river, and the church all play important parts. This is the book I'm polishing right now.

For the people who live in my town of Springville who may recognize some of the landmarks in Bear Creek--I have to say I've borrowed quite liberally. For the Indians who all the Tule River Indian Reservation home, you know that I've borrowed from you too--but everyone remember, I'm writing fiction.



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