What is An Elevator Pitch?


At the PSWA conference we asked everyone who wants to giving an elevator pitch for one book.
An elevator pitch is a one or two sentences describing a book. In TV guide, an elevator pitch is given for each movie on the schedule. An elevator pitch is the briefest of descriptions you can develop—a very short, succinct pitch that will interest an agent, editor, publisher or a reader.

Besides at a conference, where would you use an elevator pitch? It could be the short blurb for you book. You might also use it to promote yourself to the local media, to book a speaking event, or to pitch to a blog where you’d like to do a guest post—and of course to a publisher or an agent.

An elevator pitch needs to be short and to the point.

Use simple language.

Needs to be an attention grabber.

Look at the back of the books in your personal library and check out the short blurbs to give you some ideas. (These are the blurbs about the book, not the short review blurbs.)

You may have to write several to come up with the very best one.

Marilyn Meredith aka F. M. Meredith author of the Rocky Bluff P.D. series

Angel Lost Blurb:  A pervert threatens women joggers on the beach, a robber threatens wealthy homes on the bluff, and an angel watches over the townspeople from a downtown window.  F. M. Meredith's latest Rocky Bluff P. D. novel is a gentle human drama about loneliness and change, through which the reader is pulled, page after page, by an assortment of compelling criminal curiosities. (This one was written by a fellow author.)


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