And Now Some More Great Grandkids

Emily opening her Birthday present from her Aunt Lori. It was a lei made of new dollar bills

And her birthday cake

On the left younger brother Ethan
I am so blessed with many grandkids and great grandkids. The above are two of the three kids of my first grandson, who was born on our wedding anniversary. I must confess that's the only date of my grandkids that I can remember.

Several of them are really talented athletes. Great-grandson Brandon, the first in line, is planning to be an MMA fighter and a preacher. (Interesting combination, right?) His brother, Aaron, is good at all sports. Sister Carolyn is great playing volleyball or on the basketball court. (They belong to granddaughter Melissa.)

Granddaughter Genie has two kids. Peyton is an Irish dancer and does exceptionally well. Her brother is not martial arts and soccer.

Had a phone call last night from Granddaughter Merenda, she said her almost 3 year old wanted to talk to her g-grandma and grandpa. That's us. We had an interesting conversation. I know she visited the next door neighbor and played with the dog, and she planned on playing with Barbies as soon as we said goodbye.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more.

Hoping you will all be surrounded by family on either Hannakuh or Christmas, whichever you celebrate.



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