Editing my Latest Deputy Tempe Crabtree

This one is titled, Raging Water, thanks to someone in my critique group. Also thanks to them for listening to each of the chapters, finding mistakes, and giving me some great feedback.

Next, I did a spell and grammar check. Not so much to really check the grammar because I like incomplete sentences, and poor grammar in some characters' dialogue--but to find places where there are extra spaces, extra periods and numerous other oddball things that gremlins seem to put into manuscripts.

Now I've printed out the whole thing--the only way to really edit--and I going through it carefully. This is the only way to find holes in the plot, (yes, I'm finding them), name changes (oh, my, I can't believe I do that), loose ends (things I've left dangling.). This takes awhile.

Once I'm done I'll have to go back into the computer and fix the things I've found.

When I'm sure I'm done I'll send it off to the publishers. And then, thank goodness, it will eventually be turned over to an editor who'll find all the things I've missed.

Writing a book is a lot more than just putting words on the page--despite what some may think.

The book itself will not appear until sometime next fall with an appropriate cover hopefully that will follow the Indian theme all the rest of the covers have had.



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