Our Critique Groups Christmas Dinner

lft side of table, Brent, Sharon, me and Hap, rt side of table, Joe, Shirley, Lisa, Kristi, Jann, and Laurel.

Because we have spouses and a friend with us for dinner, the actual members of the group are Brent, me, Shirley, Lisa, Kristi and Jann.

This year we decided to meet at the Thai Kitchen, a favorite of many of us. Shirley and I are the oldest members in two ways, age (I win) and we've been in the group the longest. (Shirley wins because she started it, but I've belonged since 1981 when I found a listing about it in the newspaper.)

The group has changed members over the years, nearly all have been extremely helpful and added a lot with their judgment and various forms of expertise.

We come from many backgrounds, religious faiths and politics--but it hasn't mattered a bit. The philosophy of the group has always been to critique the writing, not the subject matter. It really has never been a problem except once eons ago when I was writing horror and one of the one of the older members said, "I don't read this junk." Fortunately, nothing like that has happened since.

I consider this bunch my first editors. Shirley has taught me so much about grammar. Brent looks at things from a male point of view. Jann sees another way of looking at things. Kristi and Lisa add a lot when it comes to romance and a younger view.

I value each one's friendship and what they've done for my writing.

Here's wishing you all a great writing year and that you can find such a wonderful critique group as I have to help you on your journey.



that is a good post! very interesting!
I love that last couple on the left hand side.
Thanks, freelance writing. And Travelaing wih Aechie--I think I know why you love us--could it possibly be because you're our daughter?

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