Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Critique Groups Christmas Dinner

lft side of table, Brent, Sharon, me and Hap, rt side of table, Joe, Shirley, Lisa, Kristi, Jann, and Laurel.

Because we have spouses and a friend with us for dinner, the actual members of the group are Brent, me, Shirley, Lisa, Kristi and Jann.

This year we decided to meet at the Thai Kitchen, a favorite of many of us. Shirley and I are the oldest members in two ways, age (I win) and we've been in the group the longest. (Shirley wins because she started it, but I've belonged since 1981 when I found a listing about it in the newspaper.)

The group has changed members over the years, nearly all have been extremely helpful and added a lot with their judgment and various forms of expertise.

We come from many backgrounds, religious faiths and politics--but it hasn't mattered a bit. The philosophy of the group has always been to critique the writing, not the subject matter. It really has never been a problem except once eons ago when I was writing horror and one of the one of the older members said, "I don't read this junk." Fortunately, nothing like that has happened since.

I consider this bunch my first editors. Shirley has taught me so much about grammar. Brent looks at things from a male point of view. Jann sees another way of looking at things. Kristi and Lisa add a lot when it comes to romance and a younger view.

I value each one's friendship and what they've done for my writing.

Here's wishing you all a great writing year and that you can find such a wonderful critique group as I have to help you on your journey.



freelance writing said...

that is a good post! very interesting!

TravelĂ ing with Aechie said...

I love that last couple on the left hand side.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

Thanks, freelance writing. And Travelaing wih Aechie--I think I know why you love us--could it possibly be because you're our daughter?