Public Safety Writers Association Conference

Public Safety Writers Association Conference

For all the details about the conference, check out the link.

This is one conference where all the experts and presenters are also at the conference to learn. They are available to network and answer your questions.

This year we're having a crime scene for all to participate in figuring out all the clues. We'll see how the novices do against the experts. This is being brought to us by retired Chicago police officer and mystery writer, Michael A. Black and Steve Scarborough, forensic expert and published non-fiction and mystery and thriller writers.

We have a forensic nurse, FBI men, retired police officers, casino security, retired military, firemen all from the public safety side, mystery writers, a publisher and editor who will be discussing the business side of publishing.

Anyone who would like to be on a panel will get to be on at least one. You may bring your books to sell and PSWA will do the selling and keep only 10%.

This is a different kind of writing conference,  you'll learn a lot no matter what you're writing, and I guarantee you will have fun.

There is also a writing contest--be sure and check that out while you're browsing the website.

The Early Bird price for the conference ends on January 31, so be sure to sign up before then.

See you in July in Vegas.



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