The Publishing of Next Rocky Bluff P.D. Crime Novel Moving Along

Despite the fact it's Christmas season, this author is still busy with all the facets of writing.

My publisher just read through No Bells, next in the Rocky Bluff crime novel. For some reason the last few pages of the manuscript were missing. I checked my file and everything was there as it should be. I sent the manuscript again as an attachment. It arrived safely, but there was another problem. She really didn't like the way it ended. I took another look and agreed with her specific criticism.

It didn't take much to make a change that she did like, so now we're off and rolling again. Or at least I hope that it is moving along. Not sure exactly what will happen next. I'm hoping for a cover fairly soon as I have blogs I need to do that want covers and I'm planning to set up a blog tour for April.

Just a hint about this coming book, it centers on Officer Gordon Butler. Poor Gordon, he's one of these people that seems to have a dark cloud over his head, if something bad can happen, it will. I've learned that many of my readers really like Gordon. I hope they'll like his new adventure.

Another fun thing about this book is the name of one of the main characters is the name of a friend of mine. She has a wonderful name and her daughter entered her mom in a contest to be a character in my next RBPD novel. It turns out that she's a prime murder suspect and a love interest.

Frankly, I can't hardly wait for No Bells to be a reality. Remember, this is written by my alter ego, F. M. Meredith.

I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

Marilyn aka F. M. Meredith


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