Review of Frank Scully's Thriller, Empty Time.

This thriller begins at a gallop-Jim Lang is running for his life.

The story steps back in time to bring the reader up-to-date as to why Lang is being pursed.

After being framed for murder and stock fraud, a contract is put out on his life. On the run, Lang goes through one perilous danger after another. He’s shot and nearly drowns. Rescued, Lang recovers and figures out a way to get back at his former colleagues while putting himself in even more danger.

Scully has done a terrific job of describing shady business practices of a large corporation and portraying unsavory though respected people who manage big business, both with a ring of truth.

The story is filled with intrigue and almost non-stop action and suspense covering territory from California to Europe.

This book is recommended for anyone who loves a thriller based on events that could really happen and an average man whose circumstances have thrown him into situations he never imagined to protect his own life and the life of his friends.

--Marilyn Meredith, Author of Bears With Us, the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery series.

Book Blurb:

Jim Lang’s life sputtered into a workaholic rut on a middle rung of the corporate ladder while his colleagues, using his business plan, became the international business titans he once aspired to be.

Bad memories of busted marriages and broken promises are all that keep him company in his personal hours so he is more than willing to sacrifice that empty time to his job to make the corporation grow.  His bosses have one more sacrifice in mind for him.  To die for them.

Deceived, betrayed and framed for murder and massive stock fraud, his bosses plan for him to die and disappear.  Disappear, he does; die, he doesn’t.

Lang must face and conquer his old fears and guilt, and live up to the potential within. To save the people he loves he must put his life on the line to turn the tables on his former colleagues in an inter-continental, multi-billion dollar, fast paced and lethal game of corporate intrigue and treachery with bloody traps and deadly counter traps.

Frank Scully’s Bio:

Frank Scully was born and raised in a small town in North Dakota and received a Bachelor’s degree in History with Phi Beta Kappa Honors and a Juris Doctor degree in Law from the University of North Dakota.  He then served more than five years as a Judge Advocate General Corps Officer in the U.S. Army in the U.S., Vietnam, and Thailand. After that he attended the prestigious Thunderbird School and received a Masters in Business Administration with honors. In his professional career he has worked as an executive with large aerospace and defense manufacturers and also owned his own small business.

Depending on the vagaries of the universe he has been well off at times and broke, but never broken at other times. Blessed with an understanding wife who gave him twin sons, he has remained through it all a dreamer whose passion is writing stories that will entertain readers.

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Cheryl said…
Thanks for hosting Frank today. I'm glad you enjoyed his latest novel. I read the first one in this series and books 2 and 3 are on my Kindle for my 2012 reading list.

Wishing you and your readers a blessed holiday season.

very interesting! thank you

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