Soft Target by Stephen Hunter, Review

This is by far the most exciting book I’ve read in a long, long time. A thriller, Soft Target, is about terrorists who lock down a huge mall and start shooting. Yes, they have demands, but there is far more behind what’s going on than that. This is what makes this thriller so exciting, the layers and layers of plot that intertwine in the most unusual and surprising ways.

It’s also a tale of modern times, true heroism, when politics get in the way of common sense, and the unfortunate goals of too many of today’s journalists. The hero is someone we all hope will be around when something as big as what is depicted in this story depicts.

Saying too much more might take away the sheer pleasure of reading this great page-turner. Can you tell I liked it?

(When posting this review on Amazon I was surprised by several negative reviews. My only thought was they let their own political views get in the way of enjoying a most exciting story.)


(I was given this book by Simon and Schuster, but in no way does that fact influence my views of the book.)


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Marie said…
This is very interesting Marilyn. I am a huge hunter fan. If you are interested hes actually doing an interview with a fantastic book reviewer on her Radio show. I think you'd like it.. its fast and funny and she gets some great insight on the books. Don't know where you live but I suggest checking it out if you like Hunter.
Samuel G said…
Nice concise review Marilyn! Too often the reviews reveal too much or are too long in general. I already read the book, it was fantastic even though it is not one of Hunter's best. I am reading reviews to get a gist of how others feel about it before I listen to him on the same show Marie is talking about! Ive been a Book Report fan for a long time and its nice to see the show mentioned more amongst my friends and online. If you miss the airing of the show you can always catch it in the archives on the website, it is a treasure trove if you have time.

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