The Spotlight is on J. Q. Rose and Sunshine Blvd.

Sunshine Boulevard by J. Q. Rose—mystery/light horror e-book from Muse It Up Publishing

Thank you, Marilyn, for hosting me today. I am thrilled to be here with you and your mystery readers. I am spotlighting my mystery, Sunshine Boulevard, on your blog. Because it is holiday time, I am giving away a copy of my holiday, short story, The Good Neighbors. Please leave a comment to be eligible to win. Don’t be disappointed if your name isn’t drawn, because the humorous story is available at Amazon at
All royalties from the sale of this story support local food pantries.

 What inspired you to write the mystery/light horror book, Sunshine Boulevard, Janet?

Sunshine Boulevard takes place in Florida. My husband and I visited Florida with our kids when they were young. We returned to Florida when we were full-time RV’ers, living in the fifth wheel trailer twelve months out of the year and traveling the country. We have met some real characters in our travels. It was only natural to combine those personalities and place them in Florida, famous for its quirky crime and unbelievable events. I chose a retirement community, not only because we are familiar with them, but because I wanted people to remember that just because folks retire, it doesn’t mean they lose their value to society.


Janet grew up in the Midwest amid flat lands blessed with fertile fields of corn and soybeans and wide horizons colored by vivid sunsets. The hard working people there have influenced her life values and writings.
Janet is a wife, mother, and grandmother. Those are the most important facts about her.  She is a wife to Ted, mother to their two grown daughters, mother-in-law (ouch), and grandmother to four young grandsons and one granddaughter. Aren't grandmas supposed to sit in a rocking chair on the porch and wear their white hair up in a fly away bun? Not anymore!!

She taught elementary school, then moved into the small business world when she and her husband owned and operated a floral shop, garden center and greenhouses. After the sale of the business, full-time RVing was the next life adventure as she and her husband chased the sunshine across the country seeing new places and making new friends while working on various projects. This fantastic lifestyle afforded many opportunities for writing travel articles and stories on the RVing lifestyle. Her first published mystery, Sunshine Boulevard, sprang from her experiences as she traveled the state of Florida. Her latest humorous holiday short story, The Good Neighbors, is the result from living in a Florida retirement community.

Janet spends her winters in Florida and her summers up north camping and hunting salamanders, toads, frogs, and snakes with her grandchildren. Blogging and photography occupy her spare time as well as playing her favorite board game, Pegs and Jokers

She continues to write new mysteries and short stories. She also has in the works, a non-fiction book to inspire middle grade girls and an idea for a non-fiction story for girls.

Tag line and Blurb:

Mysterious deaths upset the Florida retirement community interfering with their seasonal activities and turning up more than dead bodies


Who or what is killing the seniors on Sunshine Boulevard?  Follow Jim and Gloria Hart, snowbirds who annually migrate to Florida for warm sunshine, fun, and games in snow-free winters. However this season, Jim Hart, a volunteer First Responder in his retirement community of Citrus Ridge, is drawn into the investigation of the mysterious deaths. Even in the midst of the unfortunate demise of the residents on Sunshine Boulevard, the Harts try to enjoy the winter with friends. They don't realize that their friends are getting together for their own kinds of affairs with each other. The neighbors are in a dither over the deaths, but perhaps more intrigued by the gossip about the affairs and why the naked lady was found lying in the geranium bed


Please tell our readers where they can find your book and more information about you.
Sunshine Boulevard is available at Muse It Up Publishing Bookstore 

as well as at many online booksellers.

The Good Neighbors is available at
All royalties support local food pantries.


J Q Rose said…
Hi Marilyn, Thank you for having guest on your blog today and shining the spotlight on another mystery, Sunshine Boulevard. I look forward to meeting your readers.
Karen Cote said…
Hello Darling JQ. My comment is just to say how very much I admire you and your writing. Sunshine Blvd. is as much a fascinating thriller as you are an adorable soul. Thank you Marilyn for showcasing such lovely talent and generosity.

No need to include me in the drawing. I already have a copy and just bought another to support this wonderful cause.
Morgan Mandel said…
I can see how you gained great fodder for your mystery from all that traveling! Good for you!

Sounds like a great read, and I love the cover!

Morgan Mandel
Adriana Ryan said…
JQ, Sunshine Boulevard sounds wonderful! What a unique twist on mysteries. Full-time RVing... can you see me turning green with envy here? ;) Love the blurb, and can't wait to read the real thing!

WS Gager said…
JQ: Had to laugh at the "characters" you met in your travels. Sunshine Boulevard is filled with unique people.

Marilyn: Have a great Christmas!

W.S. Gager on Writing
M.M. Gornell said…
Wonderful learning more about you J.Q. (love your name--has such a nice ring to it!) Your new book sounds so interesting, I downloaded to my Kindle immediately. Unfortunately, have been doing a lot of that lately, so my to be read list is long--but looking forward to Sunshine Blvd.

Joselyn Vaughn said…
You all have to check out the Good Neighbors. It's a hoot. Jim and Gloria get into more trouble. :-)
Pat McDermott said…
Lovely blog, Marilyn, and even lovelier for spotlighting JQ today. A story can't have a better cast than one based on real life characters. Keep traveling, JQ. You'll never run out of inspiration!
Cheryl said…
I've hosted J.Q. a few times and this book looks great. I love the cover. The pink flamingoes definitely make me think of Florida.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas season,

J Q Rose said…
Thank you, Karen. You are a sweetheart.

@Morgan--yes, don't you love people watching? Even when I'm not traveling. Think Walmart!! LOL

@Adriana--Our home was on wheels for over eight years. Housekeeping is so easy in an RV..not much to clean/vacuum!
J Q Rose said…
@WS--There are some real characters even where I live, not just traveling!!

@M.M.-Thank you. I know what you mean about the TBR list. The Good Neighbors is a short story. Read it during lunch break..!!

@Joselyn--a hoot, eh? Glad it made you giggle!!

@Pat--now we travel around Michigan usually taking our grandsons with us on camping trips.

@Cheryl--Our CA,Delilah Stephens, really nailed it with the flamingos, didn't she? (Notice their heart shape? Main characters' names are Gloria and Jim HART.) Now I am collecting the birds--shirts, figurines, note cards, even Christmas napkins with flamingos this year!!

Thanks so much for stopping in today!
I'm not retired yet, but I'd sure like to be! And heck no, life doesn't stop when you're old enough to retire, it just starts! Love you, darlin', and your writing! (But you can have the salamanders.)
J Q Rose said…
Hey Gail, you can keep the salamanders. yewwwwwwww...I used to push up the logs and stones with a stick. The boys dive for the critters.!! Now they can do it themselves.
J Q Rose said…
Marilyn, Lots of lively visitors here today. It was a great day to be here with you. Thank you!!
northdrugstore said…
Great post, I enjoyed ready reading it, Keep posting good stuff like this.
Tess Grant said…
JQ is blessed with a great sense of humor and it shines in her stories! I highly recommend them!
I so enjoyed having you visit my blog, J.Q., let's do it again soon.

J Q Rose said…
That's a deal, Marilyn. Thanks for hosting me! It was a blast.
Marja McGraw said…
LOL Well, you already had my attention and then you mentioned the naked lady in the geraniums. Sounds like a fun read. I'm looking forward to it.
web promo said…
Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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