The Book of Lost Fragrances, Review

M.J. Rose has written a most elegant book that the publisher classified as a suspense novel is so much more than that.

It is a spellbinding book that touches on so many themes: reincarnation, Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, Greece, Paris, the catacombs, China, triads, Tibets, monks, romance, intrigue, adventure, and of course, perfume. The plot weaves in and out of all of this and more.

It is a tale of intrigue and the most marvelous description of scents and their importance to our memories.

The plot is far too multi-layered to even begin to explain, it's enough for me to say that once you've read one or two pages you'll be hooked and have to keep on to the end. Needless to say, I enjoyed The Book of Lost Fragrances.




naughty moms said…
thanks a lot for the post! very interesting!

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