Crazy Dreams and Cruise Ships

I've had wild and crazy dreams as long as I can remember. Some I can figure out what trigger them. If I'm going to be doing something that I'm worried about, I'll dream about the event and something will go wrong. People don't show up who are supposed to, I didn't bring the material I needed, and so on.

Last night I dreamed I was on a cruise ship. Not too hard to guess where that one came from--all the news about the cruise ship that ran into a rock and went over on it's side. Horrible. I can't imagine what those people went through. Recently, my husband and I were on a cruise and our cabin was one without a window/porthole. I figured when I was in my room I'd be sleeping not gazing out at the sea. The dining room had windows where you could see out, and there were many places you could sit inside and watch the ocean. And of course there were spots on deck where you could stand by the railing.

We were on the same cruise ship that caught on fire the year before. We'd been scheduled to go on that ship the week after its big problem but it couldn't be repaired in time, so our cruise was rescheduled. Yes, I did think about the problem they'd had while we were on the cruse. Fortunately, all went smoothly and we had a wonderful time.

Back to my dream. My sister and my mom and I were taking a cruise. (My mom has been gone for several years, but when she was in her 80s, my sis and mom and I flew to Hawaii for a vacation together. And more recently, my sister and her entire family plus mom and me went on a five day cruise. I mention this because I think dreams drag up old memories.) In my dream room, when we went to our rooms they were so tiny I couldn't believe it. Some cabins are tiny, but I've never seen any as tiny as this. Two bunks and a single with room to walk between them and NO BATHROOM. You had to go down the hallway to a community bathroom.

I guess I should confess, many of my dreams have something to do with bathrooms and when I wake up, I know why.

That was my latest crazy dream about a cruise ship.

What kind of dreams do you usually have?



thank you for the good post. i found it it interesting and liked it!

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