Great Grandson Has First MMA Fight

Part of Brandon's cheering section

Was I thrilled about this? Absolutely not.

Great-grandson, Brandon, is a great kid. Besides wanting to be an MMA fighter (cage fighting) he also is in training to be a preacher. Now that, he's already good at--he preaches once a month at our church and does a terrific job.

His fight was last night at the local Indian casino. He certainly had a huge cheering section, not only at the casino, but at home praying for him.

Got the word this a.m., it was a TKO after only 17 seconds! Brandon went down. I know he's really disappointed as he had high hopes of winning.

With all the prayers for him, some may wonder why they weren't answered--frankly mine were answered, that he wouldn't be injured. After all, God does know best and his answers aren't always the way what we want. He says "No" often and the one we get most is "Wait."

I don't think Brandon is discouraged. He probably learned a lot from this and will do more intensive training for the next fight. Yes, I'm guessing there will be a next fight.

That's the news for today. I'm busy working on a huge project that I am being paid for. Always a good thing.



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