Happy, Happy New Year!

Thought I'd start the New Year off with some family photos I haven't shown before.

Top on is my hubby when we were on a camping trip with eldest daughter and her hubby, and of course, Archie--the most important part of their family, and one pretty wonderful dog.

In the second picture is Lori, our youngest daughter, who is often camera-shy. But that's a particular good photo of her. At the time, she was training that pup for a service dog.

Today, we'll have other members of the family over for out traditional seafood gumbo. It's something we do on New Year's Day. I use the turkey carcass from Thanksgiving as the base for the soup of the gumbo. The rest of the ingredients are chicken stock, chopped onions and celery, sliced okra, tomatoes, a dash of Tabasco, shrimp and crab legs, served over a scoop of white rice. Easy to make and delicious.

In the past we've had many at our table for this feast including my mom who loved the crab legs/

Today the guests included daughter Lisa, her hubby, Henry, granddaughter Melissa, grandson Aaron and granddaughter Carolyn.

Here's to a great year for all of my followers.



Cheryl said…
Happy New Year, Marilyn. Love the photos. Here's hoping 2012 is a great year for you and your family.
Thanks, Cheryl, and the same to you and your family.

The gumbo turned out great, by the way.

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