My Thoughts on the Golden Globes

When I was a kid I was totally enamored with movie stars. I read all the movie magazines--nothing like the stuff that's put out today--and learned everything I could about the stars. Of course now I know that during that time period we were fed only the positive stuff and much of that wasn't true. The gossip came from people like Hedda Hopper in the newspapers, or one particular paper that feasted on the bad things the stars were caught doing. But to my young mind, they were a magical bunch.

My father worked for Paramount Studios and worked around the stars and had a totally different opinion. According to him--and he told me this a lot--the majority of the actors and actress had no morals and weren't nice people. There were a few exceptions, but mostly he told us about the horrible antics of the stars he saw on a daily basis.

Watching the Golden Globes made me think of my dad's judgment of the stars--and what he said applies to today. You could see the celebreties getting drunker and drunker, watching their faces as they turned to comment about an award or a person giving it gave away a lot. The smart ones covered their mouths when they spoke to a neighbor which hid the snarkier of expressions.

I had some snarky thoughts of my own especially when it came to some of the facelifts of the older stars. Why can't women have wrinkles? We certainly earned them. And in some cases the facelifts are downright scary.
And the dresses--some are gorgeous, but others are odd and not the least bit flattering. Why would someone want to expose her boney back? When did women having big biceps become appealing? Bright red lipstick is not flattering to many women.

Enough of the snarky. I love movies. It probably takes a certain kind of person to be a good actor and put up with all the interviews and lack of privacy that goes along with it. I'm not sure that really excuses the bad behavior, but probably accounts for a lot of it.

What did I think of the awards themselves? I hadn't seen a lot of the movies so I can't really say, but anything to do with Hugo deserved the awards it received.



maldives tour said…
Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this.
M.M. Gornell said…
I heard similar from an old timer in Lone Pine area (guess they did some picture shoots there way back when). I guess nothing changes--I never watch the talk shows because I don't want to know what a favored actor/actress is really like! Interesting post, Marilyn. I enjoyed.


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