Thank You 1095-Take The Thank You Challenge

Thank You 1095-Take The Thank You Challenge

By Connie Ruth Christiansen, Inspirational Author, Teacher, Speaker

Connie Ruth Christiansen is a gifted public speaker and an excellent teacher who speaks and writes from the heart. Her stories will delight you! You will laugh, you will cry, you will believe that anything is possible! She offers her listeners thought provoking words of wisdom gained from her many years of knowing God and studying His Word; and from lessons learned by fighting life's battles.

In her new book Thank You 1095-Take The Thank You Challenge!, Connie offers readers the opportunity to experience one of those life-lessons; to experience the Power of a Thankful Heart! 
Take The Challenge Today!
It’s Easy! Every day for one year, read one page of inspiration
It’s Fun! Every day record 3 things you are thankful for, in the space provided on each page
It’s Life Changing! After 365 days, look back on 1,095 reasons to be grateful

To learn more about The Thank You Challenge, visit  or watch a video clip of the book @ , or visit Connie’s blog, The Power of a Thankful Heart @

Invite Connie to speak at your next event. You will be enlightened, uplifted, encouraged, and equipped with powerful spiritual tools. Contact Connie via her website  or by emailing her directly , or you can write to her @ Bud Books, PO Box 822153, Vancouver, WA 98682.

Read What People Are Saying About Connie:

“Connie is a speaker who draws us in immediately. What she shares from her innermost being connects to our own lives, emotions, and circumstances. She shares in such a way that we feel loved, accepted and included in God's purposes.”
~ Mari M., Conference Attendee

"Connie, you are such an amazing teacher!. You have helped me learn things about myself that no one else has! Thank you for that!"
~ A. K., Former Student

"Connie's words bring life to those around her. She is a woman full of love for everyone who crosses her path."
~ J. Schilling, Teaching Colleague

“Connie is a gifted motivational speaker who uses power, truth and conviction as a cornerstone for captivating an audience. She adds richness of character and good natured humor to build the perfect stage to give the gift of her message to her audience."
~ J. Jacobs, Teaching Colleague

“With clarity and practicality Connie reveals keys for identifying barriers to confidence. She reminds us that we are precious gifts of God to our world, and offers her listeners insight to overcoming obstacles, and to living beyond fear.”
~ R. Sandu, Event Attendee

See more endorsements by going to Connie's website:


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