Whittling My Way Down Through My List

Slowly but surely I'm getting through my list. Yesterday, my priority was working on the program design and I almost got it done. Should be able to finish today.

I fixed the chapter my critique group heard on Wednesday. Took awhile because we had 7 people to make suggestions and corrections. Amazingly, each one came up with things the others didn't. I also did a word search on "Really" which seems to be a big favorite of mine. I eliminated all but two.

Another phrase that popped up many times (in the first chapter, mind you) was "a lot" so I got rid of those too in the whole manuscript. Oh, how great it is to be able to do a word search.

While I was doing all that, I washed three loads of clothes, dried them, and put them all back where they belonged.

I also tended to some emails that had to be taken care of.

I made a delicious batch of spaghetti and after we ate and I cleaned up, I crashed on the couch to watch several episodes of the Good Wife. Found out that the writers there have a darling too--"I did." The heroine says it often--and tonight I heard her husband say it too.

And that was my very busy day.



essay said…
that is great))) thanks!
LD Masterson said…
I'll admit it, I'm impressed.
Hey, Linda, I'm happy to say I'm slowly but surely getting there.

~Heidi~ said…
We all have phrases that become an integral part of our vernacular, and I think it's important that we include them in the speech patterns of our characters -- it should be a part of the character, and it's ok to use the same phrase over and over in dialogue. The same goes for if the story is written in first person, even if they are superfluous. Third person narrative is different of course. :)
Anonymous said…
Regarding "I did." The Good Wife isn't the only place you'll hear this. Among others, Blue Bloods (or maybe just Tom Selleck) is fond of this .Seems I've heard Tom say it often in the Jesse Stone series, too. What's worse, now I find I say it!

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