You've Got a Contract for Your Book, Now What?

Do you just sit back on your laurels and wait for someone to tell you what to do? Or do nothing?

I just heard about someone who had a book published and did absolutely nothing to promote it. Guess what happened, no books sold.

With all the information out there about promotion, that's hard to believe. But I was just with a group of authors, a few published, some who are writing but haven't gotten there yet, and it was obvious they really didn't know what all was expected of them.

Many publishers today want to know what your marketing plan right along with your query letter.

What does that mean? They want to know if you are going to be able to promote your book. What are you going to do?

What are you willing to do in person? A book tour? Go to book fairs and festivals? Maybe some craft fairs? Have you looked into what bookstores are available to you? How far are you willing to travel? Will you give speeches to writers groups, social and service clubs? How much research have you done to see what you can do in your area?

What about the Internet? Recently I heard that some writers aren't willing to use the Internet. Really? How foolish.

People can't buy your book if they don't know about it and the best way for them to find out is if you are spreading the word as many ways as you can.

At the very least you need a website and/or blog with information about you and your book. You should be on Facebook and other social sites. If you start before your book is out you can let people know things about you and they can get to know you. Then when your book is out you can let them know about it and they'll be interested in seeing what you've written.

I could go on, but I've written about promotion before, you can scroll back through my posts.

I know you'd like to spend your time writing, but the reality is, that a certain percentage of your time must be devoted to promotion. If your book doesn't sell, the publisher isn't going to be interested in the next one.

My point is you should be planning about promotion before you even get that contract. Pay attention to what other authors are doing and do what most appeals to you. Make a promotion plan.



Unknown said…
Great reminders, Marilyn.

I would add that an online presence should be more than just a promotion plan. It should also be about sharing ideas and information, and/or entertaining the reader.

I do my best to talk about my books, but if you visit my blog or my website, you'll also find a bunch of stories that might interest you!

William Doonan
I agree, William, people want to know about the author as a person too.
rocketman said…
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