And This is What Distracted Me Yesterday

What I did today that Got in the Way of My Writing

First off, I sent off blog post with photos the cover of my new book No Bells to the rest of the people who are hosting my blog tour. (I'd done part of them yesterday.)

Hubby brought in the mail and I had a bunch of bills to pay.

I had scheduled an author for a coming blog and the publicist sent me all the material so I got that set up. In case  your curious, check it out on Feb. 29.

Because I have a standing date to provide a post for the Stiletto Gang on the first and third Tuesday, I took the time to write that and looked for photos to go with it. I also do a post for Make Mine Mystery the same Tuesdays and I wrote one for MMM too.

And I must confess, I peeked at Facebook too.

Now I'm too tired to write and still have a couple of things I ought to do--and of course there's income tax looming over me.

Oh well, another day is coming.



Palmaltas said…
Your distractions are more legitimate than mine. I went to the grocery store and am now on Facebook.
Jane said…
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Jane said…
I thought, for sure, cleaning would be on that list of distractions. A speck of dust can call me from across the room and send me into a hour long cleaning frenzy. Maybe the list title should be "Useless activities that distract me from writing."
Plmaltas, I'm going grocery shopping today with my husband, still haven't gotten to the book.

Jane, I hire one of my daughters to clean house. I do some of it at times, but a mess never distracts me. Ha!

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