Happy Valentine's Day

Here I am with my Valentine of 60 years. Yep, we did it, even though everyone said it wouldn't last.

No wonder, when we married we really didn't know much about one another. We came from opposite sides of the country and different kinds of families. He grew up in a tiny town in Maryland, I grew up in Los Angeles. He was raised by a grandma and two aunties and had no siblings. I had a mom and dad and younger sister. And I could go on and on about our differences.

No, it wasn't easy. We had many problems along the way--but we never gave up.

After a few years and five children, we began to realize besides being man and wife we'd become best friends.

We not only have five kids, but we also have 18 grandkids and 12 great grands.

I hope that each and everyone of them will find that someone who will go through life as a best friend.

Eldest daughter Dana and her hubby and best friend, Mike.

Grandson Gregg and his girl, Kaitlyn.

Youngest daughter Lori and her hubby and best friend, Rick.

Granddaughter Genie with hubby and best friend, Mark and their two great kids.

First grandson Patrick and his wife and best friend, Lucy.

Here's a grandson with his Crystal and their son, Julius. One of the many that I'm praying will have a great life together.

Going through photos to put on here made me know that I certainly need to take more photos.

Happy Valentine's Day friends and family.



Phoenixgirl said…
You have such a beautiful family. :) That's a great photo of you and Hap.
Patricia Gligor said…
Happy Valentine's Day, Marilyn! I love to read romance success stories and yours is a great one!
Mason Canyon said…
Happy Valentine's Day Marilyn. Love the photos and it's hard to believe y'all have been together 60 years. You both must have been about 5 when you married.

Thoughts in Progress
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