My Review of A Dangerous Harbor by RP Dahlke

A Dangerous Harbor by RP Dahlke

In this delightful romantic suspense, Dahlke has covered a lot of ground. Katy, a temporarily suspended police officer from San Francisco, sails into a harbor in Mexico. Not only wanting to get away from her job problems, she’s also licking the wounds from her broken engagement. Instead of a relaxing vacation, Katy runs into an old boy friend who is in hiding--and he’s not the only one. She gets involved in a murder investigation and learns more than she ever wanted to know about drug cartels. When she meets the handsome and mysterious police chief, the plot takes an intriguing turn.

In A Dangerous Harbor we’re given some quick lessons in sailing, and treated to the most unusual setting of a Mexican village that is a shelter to ex-patriots from America as well as its own natives. We’re given a realistic vision of the rich and the poor. What Dahlke does best is developing her unusual cast of characters while the mystery becomes more and more complicated. And if you like a bit of spicy romance, you’ll definitely enjoy this book. To pique your interest a bit more, believe it or not, a feather-less parrot plays an important part.

Highly recommended to all mystery lovers.

Review by Marilyn Meredith, author of Bears With Us.


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