My Review of No Substitute for Murder by Carolyn J. Rose

The heroine, Barbara Reed, is working as a substitute teacher to pay the rent and put food on the table. Being a substitute ranks as one of the most unpopular jobs there is, but for Barbara it is the beginning of a spiraling tail of woe.

When she discovers the history teacher murdered in his classroom, she’s assigned to take over his class. She can’t help but do a bit of snooping on her own and when she discovers another body, she becomes the prime suspect.

The mystery is full of fascinating and quirky characters from the not quite normal teaching staff, to her ex-husband and his girlfriend, her obnoxious sister, colorful neighbors, a couple of homeless men, and the most important one in her life, her tiny dog, Cheese Puff.

I’m a fan of Carolyn J. Rose and I always know when I read her books there will be some unexpected twists—and No Substitute for Murder is no exception.

If you love mysteries that are a shade different, you’ll love No Substitute for Murder.

Carolyn sent me a copy of the book and I loved it!



M.M. Gornell said…
Sounds really interesting, just downloaded! Good review, drew me right into the book.


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