Time is Drawing Near for No Bells arrival

What is No Bells you ask?

Those of you who follow my blog can probably guess that's the title of a new book. It's the next one in the Rocky Bluff P.D. crime series. I am particular anxious for this one to come out because one of the major characters in this mystery is Officer Gordon Butler. This series I write under the name F. M. Meredith.

Though Gordon is merely a patrol officer and one who manages to get into a lot of difficulties, he's managed to acquire quite a fan following. I'm eager to hear what his fans will think about this next big episode in his life.

And a fun element in this story is the fact that the romantic lead is named after a friend of mine. She was the winner of a contest to have a character in my next book named after her. She wasn't the one who entered the contest, her daughter (also a friend) did it for her. It was quite a task. The person who won commented on the most blog on one of my blog tours. The daughter diligently made a comment on every single blog post, frequently reminding me she was doing it for her mother. I don't even know if mom knows about it--but she will soon when she reads the book.

I should have a cover to share soon.

If you've never read one of the Rocky Bluff mysteries, it really doesn't matter, I've written each as a stand alone though the major characters appear in each novel.

Some of the early books in the series are only available in electronic form, but most of the rest can be found as trade paperback or on Kindle or Nook.  These are the titles:

Final Respects, Bad Tidings, Fringe Benefits, Smell of Death, No Sanctuary, An Axe to Grind, and Angel Lost.

I do hope you'll try one or more of them.



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