Another Really Early Day Up and Going

Once again we rose before the crack of dawn. Daughter Lisa is driving us over to the Hanford Amtrak train station. This time I am traveling alone, but by train. I'm headed to Left Coast Crime in Sacramento. The reason I'm going on the train is because when I was looking for airline travel, if I left from Bakersfield I had to fly either to Phoenix or Los Angeles and from either place to San Francisco, then some other odd ball spot before reaching my final destination of Sacramento. This roundabout jaunt was really expensive and took all day.

When I checked the train schedule, I could leave a bit after 6 and arrive in Sacramento around 12:30. And believe me the ticket was much less. And guess what? They even have a senior discount.

A few years back I rode the train to Sacramento a lot when I was doing lobbying for the California Residential Services Association. It's not high speed rail. Whenever a freight train comes along, the passenger train has to move over and wait on another track--and this happens a lot. Sometimes you ride the train as far as Stockton, then have to change to a bus. No matter how you get there, the train and bus makes lots of stop for other passengers.

But it'll be a lot better than trying to rush through airports to get to the next connection on time.

I've written this ahead of time in anticipation of what will happen. When I get back, I'll report how it really went.


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