Bridge to a Miracle, Movie Coming in the Fall of 2012

Jackie Carpenter said, "I had never written any books prior to God giving me these two.  I never dreamed they would be picked up by a producer, but I should have known considering the fact that I did not write them. God used me as His tool to write these books and HE has huge plans for them.  This Movie 'Georgia Justice' coming in the Fall of 2012 will be another tool that God will use to "Rescue Millions".  I am very involved in the Production process.  I am soaking it all in like a sponge."

My name is Jackie Carpenter and I was living the perfect life until June 27th, 2008, 2:00 a.m. when my telephone rang and it was my daughter-in-law screaming into the phone with these words: “Mrs. Jackie, the man died and they have charged Jason with Felony Murder” that’s when my world was rocked and would continue to grow steadily worse for the next 10 months.  My youngest son Jason, 28 years old (husband, daddy to his six year old little boy, homebuilder and part-time pastor as well) had been “falsely accused of Felony Murder”.  This is something that could happen to anyone on any given day.  June 27th, 2008 just happened to be “MY DAY”!

What do you do when:
·       Man cannot help you
·       Money has no value
·       And your Innocence is not enough

I found the answer to these questions while traveling through the valley of the shadow of death for 10 months.  This is where I grew my faith strong enough to move a mountain and receive a Miracle.

The 1st Book:
“The Bridge”
Between Cell Block A and a Miracle Is: Psalm 91

Describes what our family was  forced to endure for ten long months, always believing that the truth would emerge and surely Jason would never have to go to a Murder Trial!
 Then we came to the stunning realization this was not a dream it was an absolute NIGHTMARE coming to life!

The 2nd Book
Georgia Justice: Journey To Faith
Exposes what I suffered mentally, physically and emotionally for ten months.  There was a war going on and “my sanity” was at stake.

Two months after the Verdict God spoke to me and asked; Jackie, “What was the worst part of this ordeal?”  I said, “God that was when Jason was in Cell Block A with the worst of humanity!” 

HE then asked me “What was the best part of this ordeal?”  I said, “God, that was when you walked down that aisle with a great big MIRACLE.   

HE asked, “What was that bridge that joined the worst to the best?” 

I said, “Oh God, that was Psalm 91  my Life Support, and HE said, “now lets start writing!  HE dictated, I typed, and before  I knew it there was a book out there: The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is: Psalm 91.

One year later I heard that same familiar voice speak to me again.  I did not want to write another book.  I do not like writing.   I have never been inspired to be a write.  But HE said, “Jackie, The Brdge covers The Trial, The Tragedy and The Triumph, what about The Tears?  Once again, HE dictated, I typed and another book was born: Georgia Justice; Journey to Faith.

I started traveling doing interviews. One of those interviews led to a producer being spoken to by the same familiar voice, but this time telling him to produce these two books into a Movie.

We will be starting the filming in 3 weeks.  We have seen God’s Hand over and over again.  BUT WE HAVEN”T SEEN ANYTHING YET!  Come the Fall of 2012 there will be a movie out there “Georgia Justice” a movie that will RESCUE MILLIONS!

I am totally involved in the Project and I cannot wait to see it come to fruition!  To God be the Glory!

From Morass to a Miracle
The Unlikely Ending of Son’s Felony Murder Trial
NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- A successful, fulfilled life suddenly torn apart by a totally unforeseen tragedy was put back together again by a totally unforeseen intervention – a miracle!

Jackie Carpenter, a loving mother and grandmother, church organist and successful businesswoman, had it all and would have given it all up in a moment to rescue her youngest son facing trial for felony murder. But the only thing she had to give up was her doubts – and that led to a miracle!

The story of a false charge that crushed a family is told in dramatic fashion by Jackie Carpenter in The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91  But the story of the miracle that follows is one readers will never forget.

Carpenter’s youngest son, Jason Veitch, is a contractor who was building eight homes in a new subdivision and was losing thousands of dollars to copper theft. Following the advice of a police deputy, Jason stood guard one night at a home under construction. When encountering three intruders, his shotgun accidently fired and killed a man. Subsequently some shady actions by the police deputy led to trumped up charges of felony murder.
When her son was arrested and charged with felony murder, Carpenter busied herself researching everything. “I became an attorney, a police officer, a judge, a juror, a forensic expert,” says Carpenter. “Then two weeks before trial, I realized that everything I researched was to no avail. There was nothing else that I could do to help Jason. So I turned Jason over to God and a miracle happened.”

Psalm 91, God’s Shield of Protection! It Saved My Life. Carpenter turned to the Book of Psalms for comfort and guidance, and throughout the trial shared with family members copies of stories taken from the Psalm 91 book. The Bridge takes readers on a journey of utter helplessness through valleys of fear and doubts to a path of faith that led to a miracle. The book offers hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, rest to the restless, and life to the lifeless. “Ten long months we lived in the very pit of hell where Satan viciously attacked our family continuously,” recalls Carpenter, “Day after day after day after day. But at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 16, 2009 on the third floor courtroom of Coweta County Courthouse, the judge announced, “The jury has reached a decision” and to Jason, “please rise.” And God showed up!”

The lessons of The Bridge include:
·         Don’t Blame God; Trust God when bad things happen
·         Surviving tragedy without losing faith
·         God still performs miracles today
·         Finding peace in the Valley of the Shadow of Death
·         Prosecutors are Big and Powerful but God is Bigger and More Powerful
In addition to working as a contractor, Jason today is Pastoring a church full-time.  Jackie has returned to her job as office manager of an MRI company but also finds time to share her journey from a cellblock to a miracle.

Jackie Carpenter: Businesswoman, Volunteer and Reluctant Author

Jackie Carpenter never intended to become an author. And neither did she ever expect to be a resource for persons facing a crisis in life. But Jackie took the crisis in her life, and subsequent miracle, and wove it into a dramatic and heart-wrenching story – The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91.
And the Reluctant Author followed up with still another book, Georgia Justice: A Journey To Faith – a remarkable guide on how to build faith when overcome by doubt, depression and tragic events.
A native of Newnan, GA, who has lived in Ellaville, GA, since 1993, Carpenter is married with two married sons and four grandchildren. Until tragedy struck, Jackie Carpenter was living a busy and fulfilled life working as office manager for husband Larry’s medical imaging company in Ellaville, GA, as church organist, assistant Sunday School teacher, social activity director for a senior adult Sunday School class, and as wife, mother and grandmother.

Jackie designed her dream home four years ago, turned her sketches over to an architect, and son Jason Veitch built it for her. Placed in the middle of a wooded area, the home is round with an indoor pool that serves as a centerpiece. She enjoys scrapbooking and designing, and she and husband Larry have traveled all over the world. A canine lover, she also is mom to three dogs.

Then on June 27, 2008, everything changed. “I had no problems of any kind,” recalls Jackie. “No health problems, no financial problems, no kids-out-of-control problems. Life could not have been better, and then the call came at 7 a.m.; it was Steph, my daughter-in-law, crying and screaming into the phone: ‘Jackie, the man died, Jason has been arrested, taken to jail and charged with Felony Murder. They also may arrest my daddy’.”

The tragedy led to a walk of faith, fueled by the discovery of the Book of Psalms, that ended in a miracle. The story of the faith walk, discovery, and miracle is told in The Bridge, a compelling can’t put down book that offers a way out for individuals drowning in sorrow, grief, fear, anger or shame. The story of how a tormented mother made a critical decision that allowed God to deliver a miracle is told in Georgia Justice. “God took The Bridge and used it to touch so many hurting people,” says the author. “He put me on four television shows, numerous radio interviews, in newspaper articles, and put my book in hospitals throughout America where it can be picked up by people in need. He has great plans for this Reluctant Author and those plans included using me so He could also write Georgia Justice.”


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