Calendar Getting Crowded

Looking over my calendar, I have a feeling everything is going to pile up all at once.

On Thursday hubby and I are heading to Epicon (the conference for e pubbed authors and publishers) which is being held in San Antonio TX. We're really looking forward to it. We were in San Antonio once before and loved it, and we'll be seeing lots of old friends.

Something always seems to happen while we're gone though--everyone sends me emails asking me to do something for them which I can't while I'm away from my home computer. Oh, I can take care of many small things, I have my Blackberry and I always take my ACER computer with me.

But, I've been in touch with a couple of people who want me to do program designs for them--and that's when they'll probably send me all the information I need to get to work.

Other things like that always seem to crop up while I'm away from home.

It doesn't matter though, since there will be nothing I can do about it, I plan to just have fun, learn something at the conference, do a good job giving my program on Blogging and Blog tours, and do a lot of visiting while I'm there. Everything else will have to wait.

So there!


Ricky Bush said…
Report back on Epicon. I had thoughts of making it over to San Antonio on Saturday, but he Brenham Book Nook asked me to drop in for a book signing, so that's where I'll be instead.

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