Linking Promo with Social Stuff

Recently received an invitation to the 90th birthday celebration for my good friend Willma Gore. Willma is a fellow author and I learned more about writing from her than any book or writing conference. I was in the same critique group she belonged to for many years.

She moved from the local area but not so far that I couldn't see her periodically. Later she moved to Sedona AZ a fairly long way from where we live in California. She's come here to stay with us a couple of times and we've been over there twice including last summer. I was sure that would be our last in-person visit.

When I received the invitation to the birthday party I really wanted to go. It's a heck of a drive though and I wasn't sure hubby would be interested. I also thought it would be great if I could do some promotion along the way.

First I put out the question on Facebook if anyone knew of a bookstore or library or writing group that might be interested in having me for a speaker. Nothing. Then I found a group near Sedona and wrote to them. Unfortunately their meeting day was nowhere near when we'd been passing through.

I finally talked to Willma and she suggested I ask Kris Neri who owns the Well Red Coyote Bookstore if she had an opening. Hooray! I'll be giving a presentation on "Write What You  Don't Know" the Friday night before the party. Looking forward to it almost as much as going to the party.

Now if you haven't figured it out already, that's how you should plan things. Try to work your promotion around other events you'll be doing, especially if they are far from home.

If you happen to be in Sedona AZ on Friday, June 1, come on over to the Well Red Coyote Bookstore at 7 p.m. and say "hi."


Patricia Gligor said…
I was writing the post for my blog this week and, as I did a little research on St. Patrick's Day, I discovered a local event that will take place this coming Saturday. It sounded like fun and I invited my mother, step-mother and step-sister to go. (My step-mother is Irish.)
Then, the light came on! Why not print some business cards (green ink, of course) promoting the release of my novel, "Mixed Messages" and distribute them at the event? One way to link social stuff with promo!
Great idea, Pat. I commented on your St. Patrick's post on your blog.

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