My Epic Award and Congratulatory Bouquet

You can see my award for Lingering Spirit in this photo along with the flowers my eldest daughter sent to me today.

I've certainly had a great time showing it off to everyone.

I plan to take it with me to book festivals and craft fairs along with copies of Lingering Spirit.

Can you guess I'm thrilled?

It was something I never expected to happen and I certainly told everyone at the conference that though I was a finalist I certainly didn't expect to win. Thankfully, my publisher felt differently.

I've been floating around on a cloud for days now.


Patricia Gligor said…
No one deserves it more than you do, Marilyn. Congratulations!
Mark Radford said…
Well done on winning an Epic award especially as you stated being a finalist many times. It can only encourage other authors to keep going and keep faith with their ability to produce outstanding prose.

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