Planning for Next Adventure

Next up is Left Coast Crime in Sacramento.

This time I'm riding the train. Still means getting up far too early, because the train leaves from Hanford, an hour and a half traveling time. But I'll have more room to sit, will be able to get up and move around, and I plan to take some snacks with me that I can eat on the way.

The only problem I foresee is if the train is late. I'm supposed to be on a panel that afternoon. (But who knows, the problems I encountered before and on the way to San Antonio I didn't expect.)

I am looking forward the con as they are always fun and I'll see many, many authors that I know and I hope I'll make friends with some more and also readers. And yes, I'll be armed with my business cards.

Right now, I have to decide what clothes to take. Taking what I took to San Antonio might work--but it might be a lot cooler in Sacramento. Next up, look at Sacramento's 10 day weather forecast.


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