Promotion Opportunities When Out and About

Authors are always being told that they must promote--and we know there are many ways to do that. Goodness knows I've written about many of them. Speaking engagements to service and social groups, writing groups and libraries, craft and book fairs, on line promo through blog tours and social media. But there are other opportunities around us that we should take advantage of.

On my last airplane trip to the Epic conference, just getting from one place to another, took so much of my energy I really didn't do much of anything promo-wise.

While I was at the conference, I handed out my business card (with the cover of my book on one side, pertinent information on the other) to everyone new I came in contact with. This was not limited to the attendees, I also handed out my card to people in elevators and that I met in the hallways. No, I didn't pounce on them, but I smiled at everyone. Among those who smiled back, several asked about my badge and what kind of conference I was attending. Perfect. My cards were in my badge holder, and I whipped one out and gave it to whoever I was chatting with.

On the way home, I was still so high from winning my Epic award, I chatted about it to those who would listen and handed out my card. Sometimes it happened when I was in line waiting to board the plane. My seatmate on the real long flight to Bakersfield was a friendly soul and seemed tickled to get my card. He planned on giving it to his wife, an avid reader.

I hand out my card in the doctor's office, especially to people I see reading a Kindle or other reading device.

Does this help? I don't know, there's no way to track whether this practice results in sales--but it certainly can't hurt.


Patricia Gligor said…
If there are any writers out there who are shy about taking advantage of every possible opportunity to promote themselves and their writing, they should meet my mother.
Wherever we go, she initiates conversations with strangers - she always has. Now that, in her words, "my daughter is a published author," she's like the straight man in my comedy act. She paves the way for me to tell people about "Mixed Messages" and to give them a business card.
Monti said…
Thanks, Marilyn! Your energy defies reason!!! I love to hear what you do.

Patricia, my mother used to do the same thing. I only wish she were here now to promote my books...

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