A Resolution Changed

This was supposed to have appeared on an earlier date, but didn't, so I've posted it now. Many of you know the outcome of this, but it's a prequel to the post for tomorrow.

Hubby and I had made up our mind that we weren't going to fly anymore. Neither of us are up to running to catch a plane at the places we have to make changes. The seats are uncomfortable. The waiting is a pain. And the worst is to fly from the closest airport means getting on the road by 4 a.m. Which means getting up at 3. Ugh!

Fitting everything into two carry-ons is what everyone is doing now because of the charge for check-in baggage. And you ought to see the sizes of some of those carry-ons. Not ours though, we've learned to pack well and still have plenty of changes of clothes.

And of course, coming home means the same problem, getting up before the crack of dawn to catch the airplane.

And there are always problems. Delays can mean missing your next flight and several times we've have to stay overnight in not so wonderful hotels provided by the airlines--and once we had to remain in the airport overnight. Impossible place to sleep unless you are much younger than we are.

But and this is a big one, when I learned my book Lingering Spirit was a finalist in supernatural romances at the Epicon (Convention for e-published authors and publishers) and the con was being held in San Antonio TX, I changed my mind. We went once before to an Epicon in San Antonio and we loved the hotel and the surroundings. Plus, I learned my publisher--who had submitted the book--was attending. And another plus, we'd get to see friends we hadn't seen for awhile.

Do I think I'll win the Eppie? Probably not. I've been a finalist many times and have yet to win. Though it would be nice to bring home the trophy, I won't be broken-hearted if I don't get it. I'll get so much more out of going that it really is okay.

I'll also be giving a presentation on blogs and blog tours while I'm there.

Despite the inconvenience of flying, I'm looking forward to the trip.

After that, we'll not fly anymore--maybe.


This was supposed to appear some time ago, but didn't, then to come up tomorrow but appeared today. Oh well, Marilyn
Patricia Gligor said…
I feel like I'm reading a murder mystery but I already know whodunnit. :)
Bet you're sure glad you changed your mind.
Yes I am glad I changed my mind, Archie.

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