Some Facts About No Bells

 No Bells is now available as a trade paperback from Amazon. When checking for it, be sure to look for No Bells by F. M. Meredith. Last time I looked it had a special price.

About the cover. When writing this one I had no idea what the cover should look like. Of course it would have the title and the name I use for this series, F. M. Meredith. Always this series has the Rocky Bluff P.D.'s badge.

All of the Oak Tree Press' mysteries have the Dark Oak label.

But note the background--the artist did good. The hand. Obviously the hand of a corpse and a female hand at that. Perfect.

When the cover was sent to me for approval, the lettering was in red, not yellow. It was okay, but I asked to see it in yellow. Comparing the two, the yellow definitely works best.

In each of my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries, all of the members of the department and their family members make appearances, but usually one or two are spotlighted. In No Bells, Officer Gordon Butler is the featured cop. Over the years, Gordon has not had the easiest of road to follow. You'll have to read No Bells to see how he fares in this one.

As I've said in other posts, Gordon has a new love who also shares the name of a good friend of mine. The reason is because her daughter entered a contest for her mother's name to be used in my next book which happened to be this one.

I do hope you'll try No Bells and write a review.


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