What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?

This question was asked of everyone last weekend at our Sisters in Crime meeting.

What popped into my head and I wrote was that I'd pay off all my bills and help out my kids.

Today a million doesn't go nearly as far as it used to. I got to thinking about what else I could do with the money. My church was my next thought. Our church is small but does mighty work--the work I think God expects churches to do. We have a food pantry and give out food nearly every day--especially toward the end of the month. We pay people's first month's rent, utility bills and fix their cars. Our pastor and his wife haul people to and from church, to the doctor's and to the hospital. Their cars are always breaking down and at the moment they are borrowing a church member's.

So I think next on my list would be to get the pastor and his wife and economical car they could use to do all their ministering duties.

Our church needs work that always has to wait because there's not enough money. I could go on.

You can see that my million would be gone right away.

So what would you do with a million dollars? And it's okay to spend it on something you've always wanted or wanted to do.



Morgan Mandel said…
I would buy a ranch home, so everything would be on the same floor, then rent out the house I have now, since it's almost impossible to sell homes these days. After that, I'd give everyone in my family some money to spend.

Morgan Mandel
Holli said…
I would pay off all my bills and with the change go to McDonalds! Really, I would pay off my bills and put the rest in the bank for my kids college, so they could go wherever they wanted and not have to worry about scholarships, grants, or student loans. Not very romantic for a writer, so maybe I would also travel the world for a few months. (Italy and Japan are on the top of my travel list.)

Holli Castillo
Jacqueline Vick said…
Pay off the bills, help out family members, take Foster on a trip, and then divide the rest up for various charities that do good work. There are so many that they would probably wind up with $100 bucks each. Or maybe I would found a charity! Can you do all that on a million bucks?
Patricia Gligor said…
I would help out family members and close friends who are struggling because they've lost their jobs due to the economy.
Also, I'd buy a mother-daughter house so that my mom and I could live together but each have our own space.
Oh, and I'd do more traveling!
Gloria Getman said…
I think most of us were thinking nearly the same thing. Help our family members first. I'd set my son up in business, buy my daughter and her son a house and then help out my little church. The building needs a new roof, but it's membership is so small that it struggles to keep ahead of the bills.

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