Why I Love San Joaquin Chapter of Sisters in Crime

Saturday was the March meeting of the San Joaquin Chapter of Sisters in Crime.

I was one of the founding members--and I've belonged ever since. We've met in various places, seen people come and go--though some of the ones who sat around the table talking about starting a SinC chapter are still around.

I enjoy belonging for many reasons. The monthly newsletter has evolved into a truly newsy publications that alerts members to the next meeting and speaker, a review of the previous meeting, writing news, book reviews, and conference information.

The speakers are always varied and top notch from authors to professionals in all different law enforcement fields, coroners, field trips to hear crime expert Dr. Eric Hickey speak about serial killers, psychopaths and other interesting individuals along with details about their crimes. We made a field trip to the museum to see a Sherlock Holmes exhibit and once we went to the hanger where the police and sheriff's helicopters resided and we got to learn all about the ways they fight crime.

Most of all I enjoy seeing the friends I've made over the years--my sisters and a few mister sisters.

This is one place where I can talk about writing, blogging, promotion, and social sites to people who actually know what I'm referring to and have information to give back to me.

When I go to a writers' or mystery conference I know I'll probably run into one or more of my sisters and will always feel at home.

And those are just a few of the reasons why I love my chapter of Sisters in Crime.



M.M. Gornell said…
New blog looks great! Sounds like a great group--wish I were closer.

I wish you lived closer too, Madeline.

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