2012 Doomsday Project

What will the end of days be?  

Disease? Famine? Meteor? Zombie apocalypse? Tsunami? Earthquake? A new ice age?  

I find the ‘end of days’ obsession fascinating.  Yes, it makes great fiction, especially those zombies trudging around, but in reality, the end – at least our own personal end - could be just around the corner.  Mortality is fragile and I think that’s the pull into the destruction scenarios. It’s the struggle with our own mortality.  

Now, as a fiction writer, it’s fun to explore the end of days, but it’s also a hoot to twist things on their head.  Consider this - Could the prophecy be hinting at something more subtle than human extinction?  Could it instead be the beginning of a higher evolution?  

There’s an interesting idea, instead of the destruction of the world, an enlightenment into a new age.
Let’s explore that a little deeper.  

Could it be a new age where we stop depleting the earth’s resources and look to the sun and wind for our energy? 

Is there a new invention on the horizon that will change our lives in the same manner as the automobile and airplane?  

Is there a cure for cancer on the horizon?  

What about a cure for aging, perhaps even immortality?  

The possibilities are endless and that’s what writers seek to define and expand upon, creating worlds out of thin air.  Our worlds can be anywhere in time and space and we are only limited by our imagination.   

The only thing we need to be mindful of is keeping the reader’s suspension of disbelief throughout the course of the story.  However impossible the circumstances, we must make them seem possible, even plausible and that’s an art in itself. 

So, now that I’ve explored the possibilities, I’d love to know what your favorite doomsday books (or movies) are.  

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Crystal Illusions…
Assistant D.A. Carolyn Hastings has an uncanny knack for putting away criminals. With one of the best prosecution records in recent history, her future as Manhattan’s next District Attorney looks certain. But her sixth sense for winning cases threatens to work against her when she starts seeing a string of murders through the eyes of the killer.

With suspects piling up as fast as bodies, and the motives of those closest to her questionable, Carolyn doesn’t know who to trust. When the FBI assigns Special Agent Steve Williams to the case, Carolyn discloses her deepest fear - that the man she loves may be the one responsible for the city’s latest crime spree.

The only thing Steve knows for sure is Carolyn has an inexplicable psychic connection with the killer, and all the victims have one thing in common…a striking resemblance to Carolyn Hastings.

And he knows it’s only a matter of time before this psychopath knocks on her door.

Taylor has a strong thriller where every single character has reasonable doubt flashing like a neon sign hanging over them, and right from the beginning you are trying to guess who the killer really is. Gripping, rich and magnificent - crime whodunnits don't get any better than this!Author Poppet / Gemma Rice – Author of Quislings, Blindsided, Djinn and Dusan

Until next time,
JET (Jane E. Taylor)



JETaylor said…
Thanks for having me.

Jane E. Taylor. ;)
I'm so glad you cold come visit today. Marilyn
JETaylor said…
Way too funny - I turned on FX tonight and 2012 is on. Talk about karma. Thank you very much for having me today - I hope folks check out Crystal Illusions.


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