And If You've Been Hanging in There

Here are the last dates for my No Bells tour:

May 1 Mike Angley :

May 2 Pat Browning

I'll go back and check all the comments so I can pick the person who left the most to send the three books off to. 

This has been fun--but mighty exhausting.


Maureen Hayes said…

I know you are away this weekend and won't see this until
Monday, but I wanted to thank you for your blog tour and your contest. I know it has been a hassle at times, especially when links or posts didn't work. Thanks for working with us all. I have really enjoyed getting to know more about you and your books through these posts and I appreciate all the work you out in.

Thanks again,
Anne K. Albert said…
You are truly amazing with boundless energy! So glad you took part in the spring 2012 Mystery We Write Blog Tour, Marilyn. You're a trouper!
It's really nice of you to do all this - and give away books, too. I've enjoyed the few that I have caught, as well as enjoyed discovering those blogs where you guested. Can't visit everything out there, but it's nice to take a tour as if you could.
Jake said…
Thank you for letting us into your writing persona. Have enjoyed tour and will continue to follow you to end.

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