And a Reminder About What's Left on My No Bells Blog Tour

Being somewhat of an idiot, well, maybe that's too strong, or perhaps someone who just has to do everything, I'm actually on two blog tours this month.

My regular one, the one I've been talking abut all this time, and then a short 7 day tour which lands right in the middle of the other one. It begins April 16 and goes through the 27th. By the end of that one everyone will be tired of hearing me promote blogs--my own and the 7 people's blogs who are on this Mystery We Write tour.

So here are the rest of the dates for my tour if you've been following along.

April 14

April 15

I'll post the other dates on the other side of the Mystery We Write tour in case you're still hanging in there with me--which I hope you will be.


Janet Kerr said…
I am enjoying your blog tour. Your pictures show how much fun you are having!
Way to go!!

Hi, Jan, you've been very faithful following along.

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