Chomp, a Review

Recently I've been on a YA reading kick, mainly because I'm in a program with Amazon where you can select two items free but you must review them. I have a hug TBR pile and reading a YA book takes less time.

What I'm finding out is YA books are great!

Chomp is by Carl Hiaasen a well known author of adult mysteries. The hero of this story is Wahoo Cray, the son of Mickey, a professional wild animal wrangler. Their Florida backyard is filled with interesting animals, ones that have been rescued and are now being cared for by Mickey and his son.

Along comes a TV show called Expedition Survival that hires Mickey to be the animal wrangler. The star is Derek Badger, an egotistical dummy who knows nothing about survival or animals despite what his doctored TV show has displayed.

Of course things go from bad to worse as Derek displays his ineptness while insisting he can only be shown working with and escaping from animals that are really wild.

A friend from school named Tuna shows up with a black-eye she received from her father. Mickey lets her hide-out with them while the filming of the ridiculous show goes on.

Events spiral from then on, Derek gets in all sorts of trouble including getting bit by a bat and disappearing. Tuna's drunk and deranged father comes looking for her with a gun. Accidents happen with the air boats, Wahoo and Tuna hide out during a lightening storm and much, much more.

Chomp is funny and exciting enough for grown-ups too.


Gloria Getman said…
His books are so twisted and funny. A few years ago I read Skinny Dip and it was so funny, so I read Sick Puppy and really enjoyed it also. His humor is a great way to get away from what's on the news.

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