Getting Ready to Do Something I Enjoy

This photo was taken at Epicon in San Antonio before one of the sessions.

I was about to give a talk on blogging and blog tours, and yes, I was early as usual. Sitting in the front row is a friend, who is also an early bird, and actually shares the same birthdate, Lorna Collins.

Lorna and I met at a Epicon. I believe it was the one held in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Since that time we've become close friends.

Back to the subject of this post, something I enjoy. Being an instructor at any kind of writers' conference is fun for me. I learned so much at writers' conferences over the years and I feel like I have lots to share at this stage of my writing career.

Writers conferences are invaluable to new writers, but I never attend a writing conferences that I don't learn something new. Mainly because the whole business is changing rapidly and one way to keep up is to attend a writers conference.

Epicon is focused on electronic writing and believe me, keeping up with the changes in this part of publishing can be mind-boggling.

For this Epicon I focused on blogging and blog tours as this is a good way to have a presence on the Internet. I like doing as is probably obvious since I'm in the middle of a blog tour right now. Today you can find me visiting good friend and fellow mystery author M. M. Gornell at


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