I Am NOT the Energizer Bunny and Happy Easter

First, because it is Easter today, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

People are always making comments, like I sure wish I had your energy. Or I wish I could get as much done as you do. Wow, you sure can pack a lot into one day.

I can assure you I don't have any more energy than the next person and in fact, have far less than I did when I was younger.

Anyone who was around me at Left Coast Crime knows I only last just so long. I am an early riser--and I always shower and get dressed before I do anything else. The reason I do is because I'm afraid I'd get so engrossed in whatever I was doing I might not get dressed at all.

The stairs at the hotel in LCC did me in at first, going down was not bad, but climbing up killed my knees. I was there for two days before I figured out there were elevators to use--but even then, sometimes I forgot.

At home, I often go to bed at 8, never later than 9. At LCC I had roommates and it was far too much fun to chat far into the night. Once during the day, I had to take a nap--which I do sometimes at home, never long, just to kind of rev up my motor again.

My best work is done in the early a.m. First thing I do is make a list of what has to be accomplished--this will probably be added onto through the day. I always check my emails--and peek at Facebook. This month and into next, because of my blog tour for No Bells, I have to be sure whatever blog I'm supposed to be on is up, promote it in as many places possible, and during the day I must check for comments. Because there is a contest connected to the blog, not only do I need to respond to the comments, I also must keep track of everyone who has commented--the one who comments on the most blogs will win a prize.

My hope is to squeeze in some writing time somewhere.

I'm also working on the program for the Public Safety Writers Association's conference. Though things are progressing, there are always a few things that need to be done. PSWA

I am the newsletter editor for another organization and the whole month I have to collect news that is pertinent to that industry so I can incorporate it into the newsletter at the end of the month.

When an in-person event is coming, I always make sure I have books to take with me, hand-outs, business cards with my books and information on them, and anything else I need. I always prepare ahead of time because I never know what might come up and once thing I hate is being rushed.

And because I'm busy all the time, I'm never bored.

By afternoon, I've started to run down and will do other jobs, like writing a blog post, something that doesn't take too much brain power. Cooking dinner is something I enjoy--most of the time. After dinner, I really don't do much of anything else, unless there's something urgent I need to take care of.

Hubby and I love movies, and we'll often watch a DVD. And we're hooked on Dancing with the Stars--and I make myself stay awake for that.

I go to bed, dream crazy dreams, and wake up early and it starts all over.

At least once a week, hubby and I head to town to do some errands, eat a nice lunch somewhere, and go to a movie in the theater.

And that's what this non-energizer bunny does.


Maureen Hayes said…
God bless you, you do more in your mornings than I do in a whole day! Of course I live with MANY chronic illnesses and care for my elderly Mom, but I sure could use a big dose of your energy! I watch DWTS too, it is a fun show and a nice diversion from all the other junk on tv.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am having a blast following your blog tour, and am off to today's site to read and comment. . . See ya there!

Madison Johns said…
Wow, you sure get quite a bit done if you ask me. I wish I didn't have to be commenting and all the social media stuff that takes me from what I really need to do, but unlike you, I'm fairly unknown.

We all need to slow down at sometimes in our lives, but it doesn't sound like you are, even if you are moving slower. Aches and pains start way earlier than we think. I have them myself, knees, hips on occasion.

I hope you and your have a great Easter, and thanks again for sharing you life with us.
I agree, Madison, but I'm not that well known either. I have a small publisher and I need to get out there and let people know about my books.

Easter was great, but I sure am tired now.

And thank, Maureen, for being so faithful on my blog tour.
Janet Kerr said…
You really look busy & figure you have an abundance of energy. Wow look at all your books (that I just have to read now!)

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