Lucky Bastard, A Review

Did you know people can steal your luck? Me either, but that's what this story is all about.

Lucky Bastard by S. G. Browne is about a supposed private investigator, Nick Monday, whose real professions is poaching good luck. Buyers of this luck are mostly unsavory characters--but the price is high. High enough for Nick to risk his life to both poach the luck and sell it to the highest bidder.

To be perfectly frank, if this book hadn’t arrived on my doorstep I wouldn’t have given it a second glance. However, since I can’t ignore a book, I opened it and started reading. I’ve never read anything like this, where on earth the author ever came up with such an idea is beyond me. The words I’d use to describe it though as I kept reading it are:unique, hilarious, irreverent, sexy, and downright compelling. Once I started I had to finish. Would I recommend it, sure--just be warned that it is graphic at times.



Jake said…
Sounds like a real rascal. Interesting concept.

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