A Report on Doing My Own Blog Tour

It's been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I certainly began early enough--maybe too early. Once I'd found blogs to host me, set up the calendar and found out what they wanted in the way of a post, I got right on it. I wrote and sent out all the posts along with a .jpg of the book cover, a photo of me (I sent different photos to each blog host), a blurb about the book, my bio, information about my contest and where the book could be found.

What I thought each person would do is what I always do, set up the blog when my information was received at the day and time it was to post. Not everyone does that, obviously.

I've had to remind a few.

Another problem is the commenting. My contest is to write a comment on the most blogs in order to win the three books in the Rocky Bluff P.D. series that come before No Bells.

Some on the comments won't post until you copy the strange letters or words in a box. There are some I've had to do two or three times to get the right ones. Not everyone has the patience. For others you have to sign in--and if you aren't someone who does those things this can be a stopping point. If a comment has to be moderated before appearing, that also seems to stop people. Sometimes finding the place to leave a comment is difficult or there is no place to comment.

At this point, I have to people who are running neck and neck to be the winner of the contest and both have had problems at different blogs.

I think there is a lesson here--if a person really wants people to comment on their blog posts, it should be as easy as possible. If someone spams, just remove it. It's not that hard.

Now to make things even more interesting, I am going to be embarking on another blog tour tomorrow. This one is different, there are seven of us blogging on seven days on seven blogs. I'll be hosting each one on my blog, but I'll also be appearing on each of their blogs.

I may be a bit bonkers by the time this is all over with.


I erred, the blog tour within the blog tour begins on April 16. You'll see when you visit my blog.
Maureen Hayes said…

I am sorry you have so much trouble with the technical aspects of this blog tour. It is dis-heartening when people don't do what you expect of them (like setting the blog post up when you sent it to them!). I agree that comment moderation should be turned off in all blogs becaus it makes it so hard to leave a comment and most people will just leave at that point. The other thing is that you shouldn't have to register, you should be able to be a guest and leave a comment. I am about to post this here and your blog is asking me for comment moderation (those funny letters). I can tell you how to turn this feature off if you don't want it on your blog.

I appreciate that you have tried to keep me informed when there have problems or changes with the schedule. I would really like to win the books, but because I am ill and caring for my Mom as well, I can only spend so much time on it, which I know you understand and appreciate.

I hope things get smoother for you as the tour goes on. I am hanging in there and continuing to post comments, I am determined to win!

Have a great day!

Thanks, Maureen, all in all, though it has been a fun experience.

And, I feel like I've made a new friend in you.

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